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Nizhny Tagil is the second largest city in Sverdlovsk region and the largest Ural industrial center. Founded in 1722by the Tula industrialists, Nikita and Akinfiy Demidov,  Nizhny Tagil became the capital of their “Iron Kingdom” and the largest mining and metallurgy center.


The general office of the ULTRA TRIATHLON ERMAK race is located in a new four-star “Demidov Plaza” hotel, in the center of Nizhny Tagil, on the bank of Tagil Pond.


The swimming race goes in one circle and can be seen out of the hotel windows, it starts from the city beach.


Day 1 cycling race starts and finishes at the hotel parking lot, participants will pass by observation area of the legendary Nevyansk Inclined Tower. After Nikita Demidov was granted the title of a nobleman on September 21, 1720, in 1721 the construction of Demidov family tower was started in Nevyansk. And on January 1, 1725, it was completed  already as a tower in commemoration of Nikita Demidov, the commissar of the Nevyansk factories..


Day 2 cycling race starts from the suburbs of Nizhny Tagil, reversing in the Verkhotursky Kremlin, which was founded in 1698 and used to be a giant voivode manor surrounded by fortress walls and towers. Beside fortification structures there is a Church of the Life-Giving Trinity, the main Kremlin sightseeing. The Trinity Cathedral deserves attention as an outstanding monument of the Ural church architecture. You can also find barns, executive chambers, a guard-room and a kitchen there. The architectural ensemble of the Verkhotursky Kremlin was completed by 1712. Cycling race ends on the central square of Nizhny Tagil.


The running race starts from the foot of the Lyisiya Mountain in Nizhny Tagil and its linear route comes to an end in the village of Ust-Utka, by the monument of Russian Unity, at the confluence of the Chusovaya and the Mezhevaya Utka rivers.