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1.     Where will the contest be held?

The contest will take place in the Middle Urals, Sverdlovsk region, in such cities as Serov, Verkhoturie, Kachkanar, Nizhny Tagil, Neviansk and Ekaterinburg.


 2.    Where will all participants, their teams and the team of organizers live?


Every day we will live in different city: in hotels and recreation centers, which are located not far from the start of the swimming distance. Each team will be provided with one standard room.

The briefing before the start will take place in Serov.


3.    How to get to the start city, the Serov city?

You should get to Ekaterinburg by plane or by train or by car and after that go to Serov which is 350km far.


4.Where to rent a car?


In the city of Ekaterinburg there are plenty of car rental companies which offer a great amount of cars with different prices.